About Us

About Us

Truth in the Word Ministry, established in 2011, was founded by Maggie and Michelle Masci ~ A mother and daughter team, and co-authors of inspiring Bible studies for study groups who want to learn more about life, when following the guidance of Jesus Christ.  Maggie and Michelle share the leadership role of teaching weekly Bible studies locally and on social media.  Maggie is an inspirational book author, and has just released her latest book titled, Ten Years or Ten Minutes.  Michelle, in addition to writing, is a Christian recording artist and musician.  

“Having lived lives with everyday challenges,” Michelle says, “we are humbled and willingly available for God’s purposes, whatever they may be, for the rest of our lives.  Our gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ cannot be described in words.  Our belief is that a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and to continue knowledge of His Word, are paramount to living a joy-filled, God-centered and purposeful life!”

Truth in the Word Ministry is an evangelistic outreach ministry, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  “We share God’s Word,” Maggie says, “and that is definitely our purpose and calling.  God’s Word is alive and well, filled with love and power, and needs to be placed in the ears and hearts of those that are seeking to know Who God wants to be in their lives.  We are all His children, and He wants to adopt us all into His family, with the most divine inheritance one could ever imagine, and that is eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.”  

Truth in the Word’s outreach projects, started with a program they created called “All Children Need to Eat”.  It was started in south Florida, delivering weekend meals to hundreds of school children in need. 

“Children are near and dear to our ministry.  We believe in the spiritual edification of the next generation; equipping the youth with the Word of God, and the knowledge of who they are in Christ.  No matter what they have heard, seen or been through, God can greatly and positively impact their lives….all lives and the generations to come!  Our youth is the future!”

Mission Statement

Truth in the Word Ministry is a ministry formed by believers in Jesus Christ, as our Savior, and our mission is to know Christ, follow Christ, live by the Holy Spirit of Christ, and to bring people into God’s family of Christians.We are a church of Christ, and welcome all denominations to hear our beliefs,but are opposed to any doctrinal differences from our Christian beliefs.The ministry’s name was chosen because the Bible is the truth.  It is the Word of God, inspired by God.We believe in one God, in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe in the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  We admit our sins,ask for God’s forgiveness, and accept Jesus as Lord, and Savior so we can have eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.We believe in water baptism, the forgiveness of sins, and accept the gift of the Holy Spirit to live inside us, and to guide us, and convict us.We believe hell is real.  It’s a place of suffering, and eternal separation from God, if one does not accept Christ.  God sent His son to earth to save us from hell, and give us the gift of eternal life in heaven.Upon Jesus’ return, He will take with Him, for eternity those who have accepted Him and believe in Him.We believe in God’s love. We believe in making a joyful noise, through our music for the glory of God.We believe in spiritual worship.We believe our teachings to be Bible based and scripturally accurate.We believe in focusing on God’s command that we love one another.We believe all scripture, Old and New Testaments are true, and infallible.We believe in communion, as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.We believe in the laying of hands, and anointing of oil for the healing of the sick.We believe worship to be joyful, reverent, respectful to God.

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