Truth in The Word Ministry


Truth in the Word Inc. is an evangelistic outreach ministry, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and charitably reaching out in service to all: from local community efforts to Global needs; all that God calls us to.


Truth in the Word was founded by Maggie and Michelle Masci ~ A mother and daughter team; humbled and filled with joy to have an extraordinary, amazing God!

"Having lived lives with everyday challenges, we are simply available for God's purposes, whatever they may be, for the rest of our lives. Our gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ can not be described in words. Our belief is that a deep relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ and knowledge of His Word in our hearts are paramount to a joy-filled, peaceful, purposeful life!"

We share the Word of God by way of our Bible studies and podcasts and talk openly about living a faith-based life filled with joy, strength, and peace.

- Maggie and Michelle